Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Moreville Residents

Just when I think I have too many dolls, more start clamoring to get my attention, all hoping to become the latest Moreville residents. Of course, I'm very selective as to who gets to become part of the ever-growing family. The potential resident has to "talk" to me first. If there's no feeling or communication when I look in their eyes, I keep right on moving. With that said, here are three new residents who passed my test.

This handsome guy came to me from Kelly Johnston in Washington State. He's the Barbie Basics Ken re-bodied onto a fashionista body. 

Here's a closer look.

I looked high and low for this brunette Holiday Barbie and finally found her at my local K-Mart. She will stay in the box until after the holidays. Then I'll decide if I want to re-body her or not.

Here's a closer look. I don't like the gold glitter on her eyelids, which is why I can't decide whether to give her a Moreville identity or not. 

I saved the best for last. Here is my very FIRST Integrity Toys doll, and probably my last one for awhile since he was a bit expensive!  LOL  He's Cruz from the Dynamite Girls London Calling collection. I've wanted this doll since he was first released a couple of years ago or so, but he sold out quickly. Here he is still in the box.

Here he is de-boxed. His shoes were a pain to get on and even more of a pain to tie, but once they were on, they looked pretty cool.

Here is a closer view. Isn't he handsome?  The Moreville ladies have already started fighting over him, and while he's charming and polite to them, he hasn't found anyone he's interested in yet. After all, he just moved to Moreville a couple of days ago! LOL

These three are Moreville's newest residents - two handsome hunks and a holiday diva. At this rate, I'm going to have to create another town to accommodate everyone! Moreville just keeps on growing...and growing....and growing. Geez!  :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween With Friends

Normally, this is the time of year when the Cullens have their big family get-together. But this year, their children had other commitments and couldn't be there to celebrate with their parents. Carlyle and Esme were planning on spending Halloween by themselves until they received a call from their human friends, Vincent and Morticia, to come and celebrate it at their place.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody. Don't let the ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires or zombies get you!  :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back At The Ranch

Cindi's been feeling a bit down lately, so she decided to go to Marianne's ranch for some fresh air, supportive sisterly company and an enjoyable horseback ride. The sun was shining, the fall air cool and green pastureland as far as the eye could see...

It's good to see that Cindi is going to try and come out of her "box" and "expand her horizons" more. She needs to. Ever since her husband passed on, she's devoted most of her time to running the winery. She hardly ever takes a vacation or time off, so it'll be good for her to socialize more with folks who share her interests. Who knows?  There may be someone special waiting in the wings for her. :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Corner Cafe

After taking her cat, Taz to see Travis, Deb invited him to check out her gallery and to have coffee at her favorite cafe. The Corner Cafe is a small, intimate, outdoor retreat two blocks from her gallery right in the middle of town.

I was beginning to wonder where Amber was. She's been so quiet I thought she might have moved out of Moreville. Of course, Amber would never leave. Here, she can get away with being the popular socialite she believes herself to be. Anywhere else, she'd only be laughed at or ignored. Deb and Travis would've preferred her not barging in on them, but luckily she didn't stick around long. :-)